Space Token

Space Token

Network: BSC
Contract address: 0x9d9affac2175ef541642035ab66f5fe7df813851


Space Token (SPACE) is an innovative Binance Smart Chain Token that maximizes profit with DeFI Yield Generation and Crypto Earning Systems. Space Token has been created with a progressive, automatic burn mechanism to form a bridge between our product and our goal. 4% of each on-chain SPACE transactions is given to holders, 1% is burned to make this token deflationary and 1% is sent to a charity wallet for later distribution to the community-nominated Organization who supports space exploration, human spaceflight and robotic spaceflight. Futhermore, Space is the utility token for Final Autoclaim, a crypto earning website which allows users to earn up to 50 different cryptocurrencies. Final Autoclaim ( ) was created in 2019 and it is one of the leading faucets with over 270.000 users.

Coin Information

Listing Status: Approved
Launch: 05/01/2021
Votes: 4
Votes today: 0